The components of good customer service part 2

Posted on April 19th, 2017 by Peter Brusso

More great customer service points, as promised in the last blog post! As a local market, we take great pride in delivering “legendary” customer service.

First is accessibility to the senior staff. It’s important that our customers have access to the senior staff to vent any issues or ask questions about products sold in Jules Market. Our senior management walks the floors of the market and is always talking to our customers. If a client of Jules Market has a question we really want to be there to take care of any issues or even request for other products. As a local market, it’s critical that we truly serve our local customers with exactly what they want plus offering them good pricing.

Second major component of legendary customer service is that we empower our employees! This is huge for Jules Market culture and senior staff. If you empower your employees to help your clients it’s like a whole store of employees trying to help your clients for their needs. You many times see other store employees say, “Oh that isn’t my department” when asked by customers to help them find a product. This will never happen in Jules Market as our culture is all about the customer service.

Third is “surprise”! Surprising your customers with a “hello, are you finding everything you are looking for?”, shows your customer how important they are to your business. Another way to surprise your customers, for example, if a customer did have a less than perfect experience you can contact them and offer a gift card or some type of discount for their next visit. These are small things to do but make huge impressions with your customers.

Forth is trust! To deliver great customer service you must trust your customers. Too many companies today think most customers are out to game them out of something.  This isn’t at all true. Very few customers are out to get something for nothing but rather might need your help finding something in the store. Sometimes it might be questions about the price of a product; which can be explained by the “empowered employees”. For example, if you are selling a lemon at say $.50 each and your customer says that is way too high. In fact, they even show you lemons for sale at a competitor for $.40; you can simply show them the value of your lemon (twice as big as the competition!) and they get it. With every question customers give us great opportunities to build customer loyalty.

Jeremy Cullifer CEO

Jeremy Cullifer CEO Jules Market

In closing; local market, local products, and legendary customer service all found at Jules Market in La Quinta, CA. Come over, shop, and talk to all our great employees for a very unique experience. This is something a small local market can do when compared to the chain grocery stores. Treat yourself to some legendary customer service; all at Jules Market.

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