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Posted on August 6th, 2016 by Michele Tully

Jules MarketHave you ever wanted to find meat markets near you? Well the best way to search for that is by using “meat market near me” search word in your favorite search engine. It’s always nice to find fresh produce and meats that are in fact nearby your location. However, not always so easy.

At Jules Market we have a fine selection of meats, wines and fresh produce; we ever have home delivery so you don’t have to leave your location! Just like looking for “farms near me” can produce great fresh product finds, we do all that work for you so you can just enjoy life and let us bring “fresh” to you!

Meat markets have a fascinating history! If you Google “meat market near me” you can find some very interesting history! The first American settlers we very influenced by public meat markets and you can still see that trend in some of the older American cities like: Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Norfolk VA., Charleston S.C., and even New Orleans LA. Most meat markets in the old days were spread out across a city but located at convenient points like cross roads or cross streets. Even still there grew a “door to door” industry of selling meats plus other groceries around the early cities.

The increase in population put a demand on better facilities and better delivery mechanisms. This meant combining meat markets with other grocery items much as you see today in modern grocery stores. Even over the 185 years of business, the meat market has changed very little except in the delivery means. Now, just like at Jules Market we can bring you super quality, farm fresh, and organic produce goods mixed in with other grocery items; to your front door. We have an online ordering system that wasn’t possible many years back; of course, but now that has all changed with the Internet.

Meat market near me” has a new meaning in that we can add fabulous wines and other organic produce that has not been available in just a meat market! In the old days you had to go from place to place to get your shopping needs fulfilled but with the Internet all that has changed.

Take a look at our online store to see what fabulous grocery items are at your fingertips for home delivery right to you! Visit us at “julesmarket.com” to see our selection of organic produce, fresh farm or as some say farm to table items plus couple that with or wide selection of wine/beer and liquor: a little heaven on earth!

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