Local products at Jules Market

Posted on May 17th, 2017 by Peter Brusso

Here at Jules market we offer a platform for entrepreneurs to show case their food related products. This is something that other grocery store chains can’t do for a local entrepreneur. In the next series of blog posts, we are going to show case our local entrepreneurs and show off their products!

There are several great benefits that Jules market brings to the community by working with local entrepreneur products. First, we bring you some fantastic products that come from your community that the consumer can’t get at the big grocery chains. Unique, fresh, and fantast products for our local customers. Next, we give the entrepreneur a chance to showcase and introduce their products to the local community; which they also live in! Third, the money spent on these local products stay in the community and not shipped out to the headquarters of some big grocery chain!

The first product that we will look at is an alcoholic drink called Savile a premium rumtini; located at http://drinksavile.com. Here is the story…

Mrs. Dee Tutt was once a hair dresser and she spent many vacations in the Caribbean where she was introduced to a rum fruit drink. She liked it. After years of visits she started to making it for entertaining her friends. In turn, her friends started to ask her to come make the drink at their parties etc. It was a hit time after time, and so much she started to think about making her version of a “rumtini” for sale. She then started to explore what it took to make such a thing happen; she became an entrepreneur!

Once she was successful at creating a product she approached Jules Market in La Quinta to offer it to Jules customers. Not only a great value for the Jules customers but also great feedback for Dee Tutt. The rest is as they say history. Here is a great video for you to watch the magic of a local product and you can find it at Jules Market in La Quinta.



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