The top 5 reasons to support your local grocery store!

Posted on March 27th, 2017 by Peter Brusso
Sage Mountain Farms

Working the farm at Sage Mountain Farms

We have been used to the large chain grocery stores but now days there are great new options in shopping! You will find great local grocery stores (Jules Market in La Quinta) where you can find great deals, local fare, and much more. So, listed next are the 5 top reasons for shopping at your locally run grocery store.

First… you keep the money local! Not only does your purchase go to the locals that work at the local grocery store but also your sale tax dollars stay local! The sales tax collected locally help to fund the other parts of the local community: firemen, police, street repairs, trash collection and much more.

In addition, the local grocery stores tend to purchase from local farms, vendors, and thus keep the money moving in the local area. This also helps to introduce to other local vendors! This is very true for Jules Market in La Quinta who specialize in local fare!

Second… By definition local vendors offer locally made, grown, or produced goods; which are fresher than big box grocery stores. Fresh local produce, fresh pasta, fresh local fare also can offer no preservatives just because they are local plus fresh. All these things are far better for you and your family. It also helps to create local jobs and support your local community. This doesn’t rule out imported goods that can’t be found locally and gives a great mix of both types of goods.

Third…. Shopping with local goods or being exposed to local foods can lead to meeting more of your community. It also allows you to get better deals from locally grown or produced foods. You can get introduced them via a local grocery store then go visit their physical location for even better deals! Again, all the money you spend stays in the local area!!! Also you get a chance to try new flavors, flavors from the local area that you wouldn’t get at a big box grocery store.

Forth…. You can experience better service from local grocery stores and other local businesses. The small the business many times translates into better customer service. Also, if you have questions or need help, again you can many times get better customer service that translates into a better customer experience.

Fifth… Customer experience is one of the most important things a business needs to embrace. Given the local fare, the smaller businesses and the focus on locally produced goods all leads to the bottom line … customer experience. It’s more difficult for the big grocery stores to give such pinpointed customer service which then translates to the customer experience. We will spend money where we love the customer experience.

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