National and Specialty Grocery Brands

At Jule's Market, we carry the same national grocery brands that you will find at our competitors, but because of our size, we're also able to carry smaller specialty brands.  Are you looking for a special gourmet mustard?  Or maybe an imported jam?  Jule's Market carries a complete mix of groceries for your family's needs.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Baking Goods and Supplies

Nothing says "I care about you" like home baked goodies.  At Jule's Market, we carry a great selection of baking needs, including birthday candles and baking mixes.  We stock a large mix of dried herbs and spices including many hard to find ones.  You can start planning your next party now at Jule's Market.

Baking Supplies Available at Jule's Market

Gluten Free, Organic and Vegan

Jule's Market carries a growing selection of Gluten Free and Organic grocery items from baking mixes to pasta.  We will continue to expand our offerings as you let us know your needs.  We are also expanding our vegan selection.  We want Jule's Market to YOUR store and the place for you to find YOUR needs. 

Gluten Free Pasta

Imported Specialty Items

Whether it's a French jam or a Spanish Olive Oil, at Jule's Market, we like to carry a good mix of imported products.  And since the Coachella Valley is home to many seasonal, international guests, we strive to carry many lines that make your second home feel like home. 

Imported Jam

Coffee and Tea

We love our coffee at Jule's Market. We carry both whole bean and ground coffee and espresso.  You'll find a great assortment of unique coffee blends that you may not have seen before.  You'll also found a large selection of teas right next to the coffee. 

Please also enjoy a free cup of fresh brewed coffee while you shop - you'll find that back at the coffee bar near the produce aisle.