We make getting your "5 a Day" simple at Jule's Market with our carefully cultivated fresh produce section.  You'll notice our produce managers walking the aisle throughout the day to make sure you that you have the freshest fruit and vegetables possible.  

We work with local producers like Sage Mountain Farms to bring you locally grown, organic salads and specialty items.   Their mixed greens are great for juicing! We also are a pick up location for their CSA program. CSA is short for "Community Sponsored Agriculture" and when you participate, you purchase a share of the farmer's weekly harvest.  For more information, you can visit Sage Mountain Farm's CSA page

Our special closed coolers use less energy and keep the delicate items fresher longer.  

You'll also find local honey in the produce section along with tools like molcajetes and citrus juicers.  

One of our favorite things in the store is the free fruit for kids program.  As you shop with your children, please grab a free piece of fruit from the baskets at the beginning of the aisle.  No one likes to shop on an empty tummy, especially little kids.  It's one more way we make shopping at Jule's a great neighborhood experience. 

What's in Season?

A calendar of what produce is in season for So Cal