Jule's Market is your community grocer that carries local products.  At Jule's Market, supporting our community is one of the most important things we can do and the best way to do that is to stock products from local vendors.  Here are some of our friends that you can find in store.  

By purchasing local products at Jule's Market, you are supporting local businesses on both levels.  Jule's Market is built on the belief that small businesses can impact communities on multiple levels. By supporting local products and local vendors, you're helping keep small businesses thriving.

Below you can find info on some of the local products that we currently carry in store.  As we add additional vendors, you will be able to find out more about them here. 

Sage Mountain Farms

Sage Mountain Farms is owned and operated by Phil and Juany Noble.  They started with a small garden and some extra produce and now run a large, organic farm in the high desert.  All of their fruits and vegetables are grown on the family farm using sparkling clean natural well water and healthy organic processes.  Motivated by their passion for bringing produce to the marketplace and their love for the outdoors and farming, they recently purchased some of the land adjacent to their original 5 acres to grow more.

Sage Mountain Farms is located in Anza, CA

Brandini Toffee

Brandini Toffee began with a simple act of encouragement; a family friend who inspired a young confectioner to pursue his creative passion for making sweets with a lesson in how to make toffee. Perfecting his recipe over time, the toffee became the aspiring candy-maker’s gift of love and chocolate decadence for holidays, birthdays, and just-because occasions for family and friends. This "confection made with affection" would soon become the catalyst among two life-long friends and their families to share their scrumptious gift with people around the world.

Brandini Toffee is based in Palm Springs, CA.

The Baker’s Wife from Bosch Baking

For three generations Bosch Baking has been baking better bread. Starting in the early twentieth century, Peter Bosch became an accomplished baker and passed on his trade to his son Frank. As in his own childhood, Frank and his family lived above the bakery, where his children were born and raised. In 1964, Frank's family moved to America, where they continued on as bakers. He raised his sons in the bakery, passing along two generations of baking expertise.

Today, Bosch Baking is owned and operated by Jos Bosch who has continued the family tradition of fine European baking. Ever seeking to expand his trade, Jos' participation as a Master Baker at the San Francisco Baking Institute has made it possible for a new artisan line to be available for their customers. Together with his wife Diane, Jos continues the family business, providing the South West with the baking traditions of the past and modern trends of the future.  

The Baker's Wife is based in Thousand Palms, CA.

The Baker's Wife from Bosch Baking


The Gringa Gourmet

The Gringa Gourmet makes tomatillo based salsas out of Indio, CA.  

JustMe Sweets

JustMe Sweets is locally owned, and operated in Indio. Providing freshly baked traditional desserts, such as cookies, bars, and their incredibly delicious cheesecake. Everything is baked from scratch with top quality ingredients. They cater, and provide desserts to restaurants, private events, corporate events, and such. Their mission is to satisfy to your sweet tooth!

JustMe Sweets is based in Indio, CA

JustMe Sweets

Truelicious Super Food Bars

Truelicious Super Food Bars were created by Michelle Steadman, a local pilates instructor that was looking for a healthy nutrition bar to satisfy her between classes.  Unable to find one that fit her needs, she created Truelicious.  Her clients and friends loved the bars so much that she started to sell them at farmers markets and small, local stores.  The bars have taken off and they now have their own production facility in Indio, CA.  We love stories of home town successes!

Truelicious is based in Indio, CA.

Inca Superfoods

After finding out their daughter had a gluten intolerance, the husband and wife team of Inca Superfoods created a gluten free energy bar that reminded them of the foods from their native Peru. 

They ended up creating a high quality, protein packed, gluten free, low glycemic bar with no preservatives and 8 grams of both protein and fiber. In addition to the combined taste and nutrition of quinoa, amaranth, agave syrup, gluten free oats and fresh fruits, their bars are very tasty.  If you're looking for a gluten free energy bar that is full of flavor, you can find Inca Superfoods at Jule's Market.

Inca Superfoods is based in Indio, CA. 

Inti Superfoods

At Jule's Market, we are always looking for new and unique local products to carry in the store.  We want to be the place for you to find your next favorite food item.  If you are a local producer from the Coachella Valley, please contact us.  We would love to connect with you. 

We value your comments, so send us a message.