Papaya – The little known superfood

Papaya is a superfood

Here at Jules Market we pride ourselves in purchasing the finest of groceries for your selections. Here is a very interesting article about Papaya and even a recipe to boot! Enjoy…

A tropical native of Central America, this nutrient rich fruit can also be found growing in Hawaii, Florida, and Southern California. Several varieties of Papayas exist, but none are more common than the Hawaiian Papaya, and the Mexican Papaya.

Papayas provide more healthy benefits than traditionally thought fruits such as apples, and oranges. Papayas are rich with antioxidants: Vitamin A, E and C, and also contain protein-digesting enzymes that help with everyday digestion. Papayas are an excellent source of fiber, and a low fat tropical treat with minimal calories.

Hawaiian Papayas VS Mexican Papayas: Perhaps the biggest difference, and most important factor that individualizes these varieties is: taste. The Hawaiian Papaya is sweeter, with a slightly greener skin, and Mexican Papayas are muskier, and less sweet. There is also quite a size difference, but you’ll have to swing by Jule’s Market to see it for yourself!

So how to you eat a Papaya? That’s easy, you eat it as is. First, wash your papaya, cut lengthwise, scoop out the seeds, and eat with a spoon. You can also cut the papaya into slices and pair with other fruits, or mix with a salad.

Ready for a refreshing summer treat that is great for the family?

Papaya – Banana Smoothie

1 cup Milk
¼ cup Greek Yogurt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 small ripe banana, peeled & sliced
½ Papaya, peeled, seeded & chopped
1 Cup ice cubes
Combine milk, yogurt, vanilla, banana, papaya and ice in blender. Then blend until smooth.

Recipe courtesy of Bobby Flay, 2007

Where can you pick up one of these varieties of Papayas? Jule’s Market of course! We offer both Hawaiian, and Mexican Papayas year round, at prices that will guarantee you won’t just pick up one. Come in and speak with our knowledgeable produce team, and we can help you choose the perfect papaya. Put a little tropic in your life!

Corey Ball
Assistant Store Manager
Jule’s Market

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