Team Jules Market Contest Winners!

Posted on March 17th, 2017 by Peter Brusso
Jules Market Winner

Richard Welgarez was 1st place with the iPad.

Jules Market Winner

Anthony Dummer was 2nd place with the Kindle Fire.

Jules Market Winner

Vanessa Montacinos was 3rd place with the Amazon Echo Dot.




Here at Jules Market we had a fun competition with our staff “Team Jules”. We were really excited to award our Team Jules Teammates… here is what we did:

Richard Welgarez was 1st place with the iPad
Anthony Dummer was 2nd place with the Kindle Fire
Vanessa Montacinos was 3rd place with the Echo Dot

1,223 units of candy were sold between February 3rd – 28th..Totaling 1500 more income into Jules Market! It was fun to see everyone compete and how our customers enjoyed the contest too.

We are also planning some other contests shortly so we will keep everyone informed on what and when.

These types of contests really help in team building and interaction with our customers. If you have a business you might want to use this contest as a blueprint for your business too.

Morale is very important in any business but even more so in the grocery industry. Why you might ask? Well our customers come into direct contact with our staff and we like our staff to be very happy, welcoming, and helping our customers. We even pride ourselves in this area and we also outreach to our community with this very same gusto.Jule's Market store front

Here at Jules Market we are very community oriented with lot’s of reaching out to many of our local community groups. As such we pride ourselves in our positive attitude and I think it really shows every time we contact the community; either in the store or our outreach programs. We also honor our military and veterans with “Warrior Wednesdays” where they can get 10% off their purchase by showing either their service card or veterans card. Pass the word around to all your military and veteran friends!


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