The components of good customer service

Posted on April 5th, 2017 by Peter Brusso

Jules Customer ServiceMany business publications say that customer service skills are just “being a people person”. NOT… that is way too generic and vague so let’s expose the first in 2 blogs that will help business owners what defines “custom experience”. We at Jules Market pride ourselves on our products and our customer service. So here are the working parts of a great customer service experience……

First… a good customer experience comes from a person who has patience. Patience is one of the most important attributes that a person needs to have to deliver a great customer experience. Having a person who has the patience to listen and learn what the client needs. Being fast isn’t connected to the customer experience! When you think of either fast or slow service isn’t what makes up the good customer experience… patience allows your staff to hang in there to find out what your customer are asking for. Your clients can come to your staff confused and frustrated so patience helps to listen to your clients until you get through what they are asking or feeling.

Second… Attentiveness is the next trait we are looking for in a great customer experience. The ability to listen to your clients, frustrated and confused, will go the distance to a great customer experience. Giving your attention to you clients is priceless so you can watch and take in all the data of what they are saying. Understanding all the personal language, interactions and problems will lead to a successful solution to your client’s issues.  Clients might not be explaining things correctly so a good staff member can be attentive thus find out what they are really trying to communicate.

Third… communication skills are on the front line of the customer experience. Once you have listened and had the patience to listen to what they are trying to say, your communications skills come into play after you have listened to your customer. Always echo back what you think they are trying to say. Once you are on target then you can start to solve your client’s problems.

Forth… have the knowledge of your product! All clients that meet the customer must have a great knowledge of the product that you are selling. Once you understand what you client is asking then it’s a matter of finding the product which your client is trying to find. Nothing short of knowing what your product is will ever satisfy your client’s needs.

Fifth… Always use positive language when solving your customer’s needs. If you don’t have what they are looking for or it’s in a back order situation, always use positive language when explaining the needs of your customer. Also remember you can use positive language when explaining a short fall on the part of the business… make it positive and even suggest that you will move their concerns to the upper management.

We will cover even more customer experience “must haves” in the next blog post.

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